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Quality Assurance and Reliability Overview
At Union Semi, we are committed to be the finest semiconductor company in the world by providing the highest levels of product quality, delivery and service, as viewed through the eyes of our customers. Union Semi is passionate in our relentless pursuit of total customer loyalty by instilling a global high quality culture that results in manufacturing excellence and flawless new products.The cornerstone of our success was and is to offer our customers the highest quality commercial product technically possible, without a premium for the added reliability.
Union Semi's complete program of lot traceability, an extensive reliability monitoring program, failure analysis support, comprehensive parametric testing at wafer acceptance, and worldwide field applications - all free of charge - is unmatched in our industry!
See our Quality Policy. This is Union Semi's commitment to our customers and to the improvement of our products and services.
Union Semi is continuous in its search to improve its manufacturing systems. We actively seek and encourage your feedback relating to our performance and areas for improvement.
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