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Key Specifications
Part Number Description Status Input Voltage(Type) Vin(Min)(V) Vin(Max)(V) Iout(Max)(A) Vout(Min)(V) Vout(Max)(V) Regulated Outputs(.) Topology Dimming Method Power Factor Correction(Min) Special Features Operating Temperature Range(℃) Pin/Package EV Kit Available?
UM1350 30V 0.35A LED Driver with Internal Switch ACTIVE DC/DC 6 30 0.35 - 30 1 Buck Analog, PWM N/A Enable/Shutdown, Soft-start, Thermal Shutdown, Integrated Switch -40 to 85 5/SOT23
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Product Description
The UM1350 is capable of driving single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage. This step-down converter provides an externally adjustable output current of up to 350mA from an input supply between 6V and 30V. It can even reach 8 watts of output power, depending on supply voltage and external components. The UM1350 consists of an output switch and a high-side output current sensing circuit that uses an external resistor to set the nominal average output current. Through applying an external control signal to the ADJ pin, it can adjust the output current to above or below the set value. The ADJ pin will accept either a DC voltage or a PWM waveform to provide a continuous or a gated output current. The chip contains a PWM filter which provides a soft-start feature by controlling the rise of input/output current. It can raise the soft-start by using an external capacitor from the ADJ pin to ground. Applying a voltage of 0.2V or lower to the ADJ pin turns the output off and switches the device into a low current standby state.
The UM1350 is available in a low profile SOT23-5 package.
-Built-in Thermal and Over Current Shutdown.
-Internal 30V NDMOS Switch
-350mA Output Current
-Single Pin On/Off and Dimming Control Using DC Voltage or PWM at ADJ Pin.
-Internal PWM Filter
-High Efficiency (Up to 95%)
-Wide Input Voltage Range: 6V to 30V
-40V Transient Capability
-Output Shutdown
-Up to 1MHz Switching Frequency
-Inherent Open-Circuit LED Protection
-Typical 5% Output Current Accuracy
Typical Application Circuit

-MR16 and General Lighting
-Automotive Lighting
-Low Voltage Industrial Lighting
-LED Back Lighting
-Illuminated Signs
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